PERCo access control readers.

Proximity access control reader - an important element of the system of access control, the first device that provides decryption code, listed on the access card.

The modern access control reader has a number of advantages that make contactless access control readers indispensable in modern control systems and access control systems.

Pair of contactless access control reader - Proximity-card system are RFID object.

Contactless access control card has its own identification code selected from a huge number of possible combinations and wired in the chip, and an antenna that works in a specific frequency range, which is set on a contactless access control card reader.

When presenting the access control reader at some distance from the built-in generator receives the signal and decodes a unique code, and then sends it to the executive to identify the device.

The fact that access control readers are able to extract information from a distance, to make the process of access control as safe for the worker protection service, and significantly extend the life of most of access control cards.

Proximity access control card reader can be used at transport terminals, controlling access to the protected object own transport and transport contractors.

In the Access Control System (ACS), developed by the company PERCo, access control readers are used in production of PERCo-IR01, PERCo-IR02. Variants are possible when the access control reader are integrated into other elements of the access control system (PERCo-CL01 controller lock, PERCo-KT02.3 IP-stile, TB-01 and TBC-01 box tripods, IC-03 card capture reader).