PERCo access control systems.

Access control systems are systems of access control for protected objects.

As part of a comprehensive security system access control systems for business solve the problem of limited access to the protected area, separated streams of visitors on "friend or foe" basis and allowing for the movement to an object only to those persons who have the rights to.

In addition to the security features, access control systems provide control of all movements of staff during the day and allow you to track the location of each employee at the site.

Access control systems provide a real opportunity to automate management processes, as work time, making timesheets and other forms of reporting standard pattern.

Access control systems of PERCo - economical and highly effective solution to ensure adequate access control for different objects. Effective access control systems may have different equipment, which is dependent on the functionality of the tasks assigned to them. Modern access control system is a hardware and software system, integrated through a Ethernet network.

Access control for business is a set of measures aimed at protecting the facility from unauthorized entry into its territory and in its premises. Effective access control systems of PERCo entrusted with monitoring and access control for the protected area and, in addition, modern access control for management functions. Access control systems allow, in particular, automating the management of working hours and providing electronic time sheet formation in a standardized form.

Thanks to the access control and video surveillance systems, supplemented by special software, the user can check evidence of identity - recognition of proximity card access, imposed by comparing the identity of the data saved in the memory access control system.

PERCo offers a system of PERCo-KT02 IP-stile - a turnkey solution to organize access control for the facility employing one shift up to 500 people. The complete electronic access control system PERCo-KT02 includes turnstile housing, built-in controller, two proximity card reader and a remote control. Operation of the system is controlled by software "PERCo-SL01 Local software."