PERCo electronic locks.

Electronic lock - this is a mechanical electronic lock, which has the possibility of remote opening under the influence of an electric signal. Castle constructive can be done in different ways. The most common structure - a construction when the electronic lock will remain open until the door was opening and slamming.

Other models - the door electronic lock can only unlocked at the time of the control signal to it. After the removal of a constant electric signal the door remains locked, regardless of their previous state.

Maximum security door electronic lock provides the so-called electromotive Castle - Castle, which bolt is driven by an electric motor with gearbox. Rigel electromotor electronic lock can have the greatest for electromechanical locks long. Such an electronic lock - an important element of the system of access control. Depends on the design of the electronic lock algorithm devices running on the electronic lock.

In the access control door PERCo electronic lock is controlled by a electronic lock controller (eg, PERCo-CL01, PERCo-CL03) or from the controller object security PERCo-CS01.

PERCo presents 4 models of mortise electronic locks (LC-72 and LC-85) for internal and external doors with various control modes and centre-to-centre spacing.

Electronic locks can easily replace mechanical locks thanks to their standard sizes. The 72 mm and 85 mm distances between axes of handles and locking cylinders meet the most widespread standards, that allows to replace mechanical locks with electronic locks without any reconstruction of the door.

Electronic locks have an aesthetic design after the installation thanks to mortise construction and elegant design of forend and strike plate.