PERCo full height turnstiles.

Full height rotor turnstiles are designed for complete and secure closure of a passageway and used for control of access at locations with high security requirements, both indoors and outdoors. PERCo full height rotor turnstiles and security gates are made of reinforced aluminum profile with anticorrosion coating to ensure high degree of resistance to weather and vandalism.

PERCo full height turnstiles can be used as a separate stand-alone device, as well as the systems of access control. Full height turnstiles are reliable and functional devices that can provide adequate protection against the penetration of unauthorized persons.

Structurally full height turnstile is a rotating construction with three or four doors. To date, available in two versions of full height turnstiles, designed for facilities with special requirements for access control: PERCo-RTD-15.1 and PERCo-RTD-15.2 full height turnstiles.

Full height turnstile PERCo-RTD-15.1 features motorized resetting valves. Full height turnstiles are equipped with integrated electronic control system.

Together with the full height rotor turnstile a roof can be mounted supplied by dealers as an option.

High-quality full height turnstile PERCo has not only extremely technical and operating characteristics, but also modern design. For the manufacture of rotary valves for the full height turnstile stainless steel, natural wood, plastic polycarbonate, tempered glass and other materials are used.