PERCo security gates.

PERCo security gates are ideal for indoor applications requiring free access in one direction and ban on passage in the opposite. Their elegant and versatile design presents a secure and stylish solution that can blend into numerous locations. After each passage the gate swing panel is smoothly reset to home position.

The range of PERCo security gates includes motorized and electromechanical models. Integration with turnstiles and railings made in matching decor allows to style locations in a complete design with security gates.

This is an automatic security gate, ideal solution for convenient access of people in wheelchairs, mothers pushing prams or shoppers carrying bulky goods. It is available with swing panels of 3 sizes: 650 mm, 900 mm and 1100 mm. Also, if you want to install two security gates, the built-in encoders of the security gate will ensure synchronized operation of the security gates.

Security gate can operate as a stand-alone unit controlled from a remote control panel (which is included in a standard delivery set).

Or it can be integrated in your access control system. All our equipment is compatible with most of the existing access control systems.

So the security gate is two-way controlled, with throughput capacity of 12 persons, can be mechanically unlocked with a mechanical release key. You will receive a complete delivery set, enough to start using your security gate, including a security gates post, swing panel, RC panel, control unit with all electronics and power supply and battery.

Starting from development of design the security gate is completely produced at our modern manufacturing plant in Russia.