PERCo tripod - turnstile for use in various climatic zones.

Tripod - a turnstile on a stand or box - a versatile and economical solution for entrance on various objects: industrial plants, hospitals, business - centers, sports arenas, entertainment centers and other facilities. These turnstiles are functional, durable and compact. Thanks to optimal overall size tripod (compact or box) can be installed in a relatively small area of a room entrance.

PERCo offers tripod - turnstile of various functionality and climatic performance. In addition to functionality, the merits of PERCo tripod turnstiles include: high throughput (in working condition - 30 hours / min, with a free pass - 60 hours / minutes), ease of installation, ergonomic, stylish design, the ability to operate in different climatic zones indoor and outdoor.

PERCo turnstiles are safe for humans, as the power supply of tripod turnstile is 12V DC. A high-quality tripod - turnstile PERCo, which is characterized by a high degree of maintainability, regularly serves for lifetime. One of the characteristics of the tripod turnstile - High MTBF for at least 1500000 passes.

This equipment may be included in the effective access control systems (ACS) as the operating device, or work independently. The tripod turnstile is operated either by remote control or through ACS.

At the moment PERCo dealers offer the following modifications of turnstiles - Tripods: PERCo-TTR-04.1, PERCo-TTD-03.1, PERCo-TTD-03.2., PERCo-TTR-04W-24 (outdoor version) and others. If the protected area is likely of emergency situations, it is advisable to purchase a tripod turnstile with folding barrier arms, such as "panic", which significantly increase the throughput of the passageway.