PERCo turnstile gates.

Turnstile gates are electromechanical devices that are used to manage the flow of people and perform access control for buildings. Management can be carried out by a team security officer via remote control or a signal access control system (ACS).

In the case the device is part of the access control system, with an electronic presentation to skip (Cards) to the card reader, the next to the turnstile gate, code of access card is passed to the access control system. The access control system makes the decision to allow or deny access to the bearer of an access card and under it takes or gives a signal to unlock the turnstile gate.

Turnstile gate can be used in access control systems with manual control and in monitoring and access control systems. In the latter case, turnstile gate acts as an actuator.

Unlike traditional mechanical turnstile gates, turnstile gate leaves no possibility to get under the barrier arms or jump over them, thus ensuring a good level of security.

Turnstile gates TTD-03.1 and TTD-03.2 are optimal for access control for companies with a large flow of people. When installed in a number of these form passageways without additional fencing, that is reliable and cost-effective solution to perform access control for the site.

The TTD-03.1 turnstile gates offer an effective solution for access control. These access control turnstile gates are ideal for the entrances where fast pedestrian throughput and aesthetics must come with a sufficient degree of access control security. Installed in one line, the turnstile gates form passageways without installation of extra guide barriers.