Economic Forum chooses PERCo as security supplier

X International St. Petersburg Economic Forum was held June 13-15 in the LENEXPO Exhibition Complex. The innovative PERCo SYS-15000 network access control system became the entrance security solution of choice for the jubilee event. Responsible for the equipment installation was ComputerAge (www.computerage.ru), a leading Russian system integrator.

15 TTR-04 series tripod turnstiles integrated into the SYS-15000 were installed at the Exhibition Complex to control access not only to the main exhibition area but to a few meeting and conference halls as well.

Based on the advanced client/server technology, the PERCo SYS-15000 allowed to build-up a unified database containing data collected at the registration points and to have the exhibition floor divided into areas with different access rights. Design integrity of the turnstiled entrances was achieved thanks to the use of PERCo stainless steel portable railing systems.

 TTR-04 series tripods integrated into PERCo SYS-15000. LENEXPO Exhibition Complex. X International St. Petersburg Economic Forum.