News from Iceland: PERCo equipment in Reykjavik thermal pool

PERCo automatic swing gates, turnstiles and railing systems have been installed in Laugardalslaug thermal complex in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Laugardalslaug thermal complex unites the largest Reykjavik outdoor geothermal swimming pool and spa-centre. The complex is well known and very popular among tourists and residents of capital of Iceland. Lots of people visit this complex every day, so quick and comfortable entrance to its facilities is really very important. Our equipment, installed at the checkpoint, demonstrates very good performance as a part of admission ticketing system. PERCo items also perfectly cope with the task of access control while regulating flow of visitors.

Compact and stylish, PERCo tripod turnstiles, swing gates, box turnstiles and railing systems nicely match the interior of the location. High quality is a basic feature of all PERCo products; we do know — our equipment will work for many years.