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ST-01 speed gates, Innovation center of Skolkovo, Moscow Oblast
Innovation center of Skolkovo, Moscow Oblast
RTD-15.1 full height rotor turnstiles installed at Jebel Ali port, Dubai city (the U.A.E.). Installation by ONE Security International Ltd, Australia
Jebel Ali port, Dubai city (the U.A.E.)
RTD-15 full height rotor turnstiles, Kazan Arena stadium, Kazan
Kazan Arena stadium, Kazan
T-5 tripod turnstile, fitness center "Reforma", Vladimir
Fitness center "Reforma", Valdimir
Volgogradsky Aluminum Plant / Branch of JSC "SUAL-Holding", Russian Federation
Volgogradsky Aluminum Plant / Branch of JSC "SUAL-Holding", Russia
Town Hall lobby equipped with TTR-04.1E turnstiles with anti-panic folding arms, Primorsk Region, Russia
Town Hall, Primorsk Region, Russia
PERCo box tripods. Business center "Orlikov", Moscow
Business center "Orlikov", Moscow
TTD-03.1 box tripod turnstiles. Business center "Stoliza", Voronezh
Business center "Stoliza", Voronezh
TTR-04.1R tripod turnstiles, WHD-04R wicket gate and railings at Entrance hall, ELBA, a.s., Kremnica
Entrance hall, ELBA, a.s., Kremnica
Entrance hall equipped with TTR-04 turnstiles. Business centre "Krasivyi Dom", Moscow
Business centre "Krasivyi Dom", Moscow
Speed gates ST-01, Fitness club L'Appart Fitness, France
Fitness club L'Appart Fitness, France
TTD-03.1 box tripods with anti-panic folding arms. An educational building of the State University of Engineering and Economics (ENGECON), St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
State University of Engineering and Economics, St. Petersburg, Russia
WMD-05S swing gates at the entrance of a beach resort. Vouliagmeni lake, Greece. (Installed by Afxotec, Greece)
Vouliagmeni lake, Greece
KT-02 IP-Stile and BH-02 railings. Aqua park, Kazan
BH-02 railings. Aqua park, Kazan
WMD-06 motorized swing gate and rotor turnstile RTD-03S, Waterpark, Polkowice, Poland
Waterpark, Polkowice, Poland
KT-02 IP-Stiles. School №9, Vladivostok
School №9, Vladivostok
PERCo tripods at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta, Malta. Installation by Miqna Systems Ltd, Swatar-Msida
National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta, Malta
IP-Stile KT-02 and BH-02 hinged section at school lobby. St. Petersburg, Russia
School lobby, St. Petersburg, Russia
TTD-03.1 box tripods at business center Riga Land , Moscow region
Business center Riga Land , Moscow region
TTD-03.2 box turnstiles and WHD-04 swing gate, Apollo II, Bratislava, Slovakia
Apollo II, Bratislava, Slovakia
TTR-04.1 tripod turnstile, Fitness House on Prazhskaya st., Saint Petersburg
Fitness House on Prazhskaya st., Saint Petersburg
ST-01 speed gates, business-center Project, Saint Petersburg
Business-center Project, Saint Petersburg
WMD-06 swing gate, IRP-01 reader-post and IC-02 card capture reader, Business-center "Imperial Park", Moscow
Business-center "Imperial Park", Moscow
TTR-04.1 tripod turnstile. "Vital World" SPA Centre, Slovakia Installation by KasComp spol.s r.o, Bratislava
"Vital World" SPA Centre, Slovakia
KT-02 IP-Stile, Rezon business-centre, Saint Petersburg
Rezon business-centre, Saint Petersburg
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Access card system

KT-02 IP-Stile

Video of PERCo IP-Stiles

The IP-Stiles are standalone systems for efficient access control using authorized / non-authorized approach.

Installation of the KT-02 is fast and convenient: mount the turnstile to the surface with attachment bolts and connect KT-02 to a power supply unit and to Ethernet network.

Systems scheme

KT-02.3 Card entry systems principle of work
Consealed proximity
card readers
and graphic

Systems package

Standard delivery set of the KT-02 systems contains:

  • turnstile with integrated controller and two card readers
    KT-02.3 - HID/EMM
    KT-02.7 - MIFARE
  • remote control panel
  • PERCo-SL01 free single user software
  • standard/anti-panic barrier arms (the type is chosen by a Client)

Main Options

The KT-02 can be controlled either with a cable remote control device or a wireless control system or as part of access control systems by means of integrated proximity card readers by presenting of an access proximity card, or with a computer, that is connected to Ethernet network.

The integrated access controller has a nonvolatile memory that keeps up to 50,000 cardholders and 135,000 events.

An integrated mechanical release lock provides the possibility to manually unlock the turnstile housing with a key that sets up the free rotation of folding arms in both directions.

Access control system event list sample screenshot PERCo access control software - visual verification sample screenshot
Event list Video identification

Additional Options

The use of the additional PERCo-SL02 software with visual verification provides the possibility to prevent unapproved use of authorized ID card which has been stolen, lost or improperly acquired in other circumstances. After the access proximity card’s presentation to the reader, the image of the cardholder from the database shows on the security guard's computer monitor. The security guard is able to check the face of the entrant against the database image/video camera snapshot and make a decision whether to allow access or not.

KT-02 IP-Stile may be equipped with matching railings for optimized control of pedestrian traffic.

Anti-panic barrier arms may be included into delivery set upon request.

Key override control Proximity card reader built in turnstile
Key override control Concealed proximity card readers

Technical Specifications

Operating voltage 12 ± 1.2V DC
Overall dimensions with barrier arms 640×683×1040 mm
Throughput rate in the single passage mode 30 persons/min
Throughput rate in the free passage mode 60 persons/min
Passage width 500 mm
Controller buffer capacity:
  • up to 50,000 cards
  • up to 135,000 events
Number of readers
(compatible with EM4100/4102 /EM4200)
Number of controlled passage directions 2
Standard interface Ethernet
Ingress Protection Rating IP41 under EN 60529
Operating temperature range from +1 °C to +40 °C

Technical Data:

Warranty period

The warranty period is 5 (five) years from the date of sale of the product.

Materials and Finishes:

Housing: powder coated steel

Sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect; dark grey colour

Sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect; dark grey colour

Top cover: stainless steel

Barrier arms: stainless steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel