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RTD-15.1 rotor turnstile at Interuniversity Campus main entrance. St. Petersburg, Russia
Interuniversity Campus main entrance, St. Petersburg, Russia
Mobile entrance point of construction site equipped with RTD-15.1 full height rotor and WHD-15 security gate, France
Mobile entrance point of construction site, France
RTD-03S waist-high rotor  and motorized wicket gate WMD-05S of stainless steel at the office entrance. Kiev, Ukraine
The office entrance, Kiev, Ukraine
TTR-04 tripods at the entrance to the outdoor swimming-pool. Belokuriha Resort, Altai
"Belokuriha" ski resort, Altai
TTD-03.1S box tripods with BH-02 waist-high railings at KNAUF INSULATION, s.r.o. in Nová Baňaohimo, Slovakia. Installation by APIS Ltd, Slovakia
KNAUF INSULATION, s.r.o. in Nová Baňaohimo, Slovakia
T-5 tripod turnstiles, YGRiK Planet, Yekaterinburg
YGRiK Planet, Yekaterinburg
RTD-03S rotor turnstiles, Institute of International Educational Programs (IIEP), Saint Petersburg
Institute of International Educational Programs (IIEP), Saint Petersburg
TTD-03.1 box tripod turnstiles. Business center "Na Ordzhonikidze", Moscow
Business center "Na Ordzhonikidze", Moscow
TTR-04.1 tripods at the SCANDIA-SIBIU can factory. Sibiu, Romania. (Installation by HELIOS SECURITY S.R.L., Galati)
SCANDIA-SIBIU can factory. Sibiu, Romania
TTD-03.1 box tripods at business center Riga Land , Moscow region
Business center Riga Land , Moscow region
Entrance lobby equipped with KT-05 IP-Stiles, Moscow
Entrance lobby, Moscow
TTD-03.1 box turnstiles. Lenexpo Convention Center, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation.
LENEXPO Exhibition Complex, St. Petersburg
Mobile entrance point of New Construction Technologies equipped with PERCo IP-Stile. St. Petersburg, Russia
New Construction Technologies, St. Petersburg, Russia
Access control system based on S-20 installed at office
The business center "Senator", St. Petersburg, Russia
TTR-04W tripod turnstiles at the skiing resort, Primorskiy Territory
The skiing resort, Primorskiy Territory
T-5 tripod turnstile, fitness center "Reforma", Vladimir
Fitness center "Reforma", Valdimir
RTD-15 full height rotor turnstiles at "UralTransmash" plant Ekaterinburg
Plant "UralTransmash", Ekaterinburg
ST-01 speed gates, business-center Project, Saint Petersburg
Business-center Project, Saint Petersburg
TTR-04.1 tripod turnstile. "Vital World" SPA Centre, Slovakia Installation by KasComp spol.s r.o, Bratislava
"Vital World" SPA Centre, Slovakia
TTR-04 tripods. Baku airport, Azerbaijan
Baku airport, Azerbaijan
TTD-03.1 box turnstiles and BH-02 railings, UPV, Slovakia
UPV, Slovakia
RTD-03S rotor waist-high turnstiles, IC-02 card capture reader, BH-02 railings and WMD-05S gate, "Leon", Saint Petersburg
"Leon", Saint Petersburg
TTR-08A tripod turnstiles, shopping center "GEDIMINO 9", Vilnius, Lithuania
Shopping center "GEDIMINO 9", Vilnius, Lithuania
TTR-07 tripod turnstile and BH-02 railings, figure scating academy, Saint Petersburg
Figure scating academy, Saint Petersburg
RTD-03S rotors at the radio manufacturing plant JSC "Izhevskiy Radiozavod". Izhevsk, Russian Federation.
The radio manufacturing plant JSC "Izhevskiy Radiozavod", Izhevsk, Russia
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Turnstiles - TTD-03.1

TTD-03.1 Box Tripod Turnstile for indoor application

Video of PERCo Box tripod turnstiles


The TTD-03.1 turnstiles offer an effective solution for pedestrian access control. These box tripods are ideal for the entrances where fast pedestrian throughput and aesthetics must come with a sufficient degree of access security. Installed in one line, the turnstiles form passageways without installation of extra guide barriers.

Delivery set

  • turnstile with built-in electronics
  • remote control panel

Versions and Colour options

PERCo-TTD-03.1 box turnstiles with black top cover Turnstiles with blue cover

Different combinations of housings and top covers are available.


  • artificial stone top cover with two built-in LED directional indicators
  • reader operating zones on the top cover stand out with a different colour

Features & Benefits

The top cover of the TTD-03.1 is made of artificial stone and is radio-transparent for concealed mounting of proximity card readers.

Visual LED indicator at 2 directions Control panel for remote management
LED directional indicators
(for both directions)
Cable remote control panel

Two LED directional indicators with bright pictograms are located on the top cover as standard: Green Arrow indicates that the turnstile is unlocked to permit a passage and shows the direction of authorised passage; Red Cross indicates that passage is not allowed and shows that the turnstile remains in locked status.

Also the turnstile has relay outputs enabling to connect optional remote light indicators.

Кey override control Anti-panic barriers at TTD-03.1 turnstile
Key override control Anti-panic folding arms

The TTD-03.1 is a normally closed unit (N/C), i.e. the turnstile remains locked until it receives a valid authorisation signal or is unlocked with a mechanical release key.

The turnstile features a “Fire Alarm” control input and can be automatically unlocked by a fire alarm signal or emergency button.

A key override allows an operating technician to unlock both directions of the TTD-03.1 turnstile if there is need to override an access control system or in case of emergency or power failure. The mechanical release lock is built into the turnstile housing as standard and provides free rotation of the barrier arms.

Optionally the turnstile can be supplied with anti-panic folding arms to clear the passageway in emergency situations without use of any special keys or tools.

Thanks to its low power consumption, the turnstile is supplied with safe voltage – 14V max.

If required, the turnstiles can be completed with matching railings.

Technical Specifications:

Operating voltage 12V DC
Throughput rate
(in the single passage mode)
30 persons/min
Overall dimensions (HxWxD)
  • housing
  • housing with barrier arms

1000×1083×260 mm
1000×1083×684 mm
Passage width 500 mm
Ingress Protection Rating IP41 under EN 60529
Operating temperature range from +1 °C to + 40 °C

Technical Data:

Warranty period

The warranty period is 5 (five) years from the date of sale of the product.

Materials and Finishes:


  • Stainless steel
  • Powder coated steel

Top cover – artificial stone

Barrier arms – stainless steel

Stainless steel

Stainless steel

Sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect; dark grey colour

Sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect; dark grey colour

Artificial stone, dark blue colour

Artificial stone, dark blue colour

Artificial stone, black colour

Artificial stone, black colour

Powder coating to RAL colours is available on order. Time of manufacture and price quotation are specified individually