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RTD-03.S waist-high rotor turnstiles installed at JS Technopark Orbita, Moscow
JS Technopark Orbita, Moscow
T-5 tripod turnstiles and BH-02 railings, STU, Bratislava, Slovakia
STU, Bratislava, Slovakia
RTD-15.1 full height  rotor turnstile with RTC-15R canopy at the Spendrups Brewery in Grängesberg Outside Ludvika, Sweden.
The Spendrups Brewery in Grängesberg Outside Ludvika, Sweden
TTD-03.1 box tripods integrated in S-20 AC System. Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok.
Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok.
RTD-15 full height rotor turnstiles at "UralTransmash" plant Ekaterinburg
Plant "UralTransmash", Ekaterinburg
KT-05 IP-Stiles and BH series railing sections. Sport complex "Baltach", Republic of Tatarstan
Sport complex "Baltach", Republic of Tatarstan
RTD-03S rotors. Sport club "Reforma", Mexico D.F., Mexico.
Sport club "Reforma", Mexico D.F., Mexico.
RTD-15.1 full height rotor turnstiles installed at Jebel Ali port, Dubai city (the U.A.E.). Installation by ONE Security International Ltd, Australia
Jebel Ali port, Dubai city (the U.A.E.)
TTR-04 tripods at the entrance of "Belagroprombank", Belarus.
"Belagroprombank", Belarus.
Box tripod turnstiles TTD-03.2, Yandex office, Moscow
Yandex office, Moscow
TTR-04 tripods at "Na Liteinoi" business centre, Bryansk
"Na Liteinoi" business centre, Bryansk
Electronic checkpoint equipped with TTR-04.1 tripods and railing systems. Cherepovets Fertilizer plant "AMMOFOS", Russian Federation
Cherepovets Fertilizer plant "AMMOFOS", Russia
TTD-04.1 box tripod turnstiles at "Danilovskaya manufactura" office. Moscow, Russia
"Danilovskaya manufactura" office. Moscow, Russia
Town Hall lobby equipped with TTR-04.1E turnstiles with anti-panic folding arms, Primorsk Region, Russia
Town Hall, Primorsk Region, Russia
TTD-03.1 box turnstiles and BH-02 railings, Primorsky business-centre, Saint Petersburg
Primorsky business-centre, Saint Petersburg
TTR-04 tripods at the entrance to the outdoor swimming-pool. Belokuriha Resort, Altai
Swimming-pool. Belokuriha Resort, Altai, Russia
TTD-03.1 box tripod turnstile, Polar museum, Saint Petersburg
Polar museum, Saint Petersburg
T-5 tripod turnstile, fitness center "Reforma", Vladimir
Fitness center "Reforma", Valdimir
KT-05 IP stiles and WMD-06 motorized swing gate, Basel business-centre, Saint Petersburg
Basel business centre, Saint Petersburg
TTD-03.1 box tripod turnstiles. Business center "Stoliza", Voronezh
Business center "Stoliza", Voronezh
KT-05 IP-Stiles. "Mazapark" entertainment center. Business center "Continent", St.-Petersburg
"Mazapark" entertainment center. Business center "Continent", St.-Petersburg
KT-02 IP-Stiles at "Ozernyi" health resort, Grodno
"Ozernyi" health resort, Grodno
TTR-04 tripods. "Novorogozhskiy" business center, Moscow
"Novorogozhskiy" business center, Moscow
Turnstiles TTR-04.1. Supreme court of the republic of Karelia
Supreme court of the republic of Karelia
TTD-03.1 box turnstiles at the lobby of business center "Avenue", St.-Petersburg
Business center "Avenue", St.-Petersburg
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RTD-15 full height turnstiles

RTD-15 full height rotor turnstiles for indoor and outdoor operation

Video of PERCo Full height rotor turnstiles


The full height rotor turnstile RTD-15 offers a combination of complete closure of passageway, modern design and high throughput performance.

Delivery set

  • turnstile with internal electronics
  • guide barrier set
  • remote-control panel


  • for outdoor and indoor operation
  • 120° rotor position
  • two LED direction indicators
  • flush set walkway downlights


  • motorized RTD-15.1
  • electromechanical RTD-15.2

This range of rotor full height turnstiles is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. The housing enables turnstile operation at ambient air temperature from -40°C to +55°C.

The robust welded aluminium structure of the turnstile offers utmost reliability and vandal resistance, and ensures the turnstile stable operation even in harsh environment for many years.

The fine structured powder coating with mica iron-effect provides superior corrosion protection, effective electric insulation and improved impact resistance.

LED indicator of way direction Control panel for remote management
Two LED directional indicators Cable remote control panel
PERCo full height turnstiles - aluminium profiles
Aluminium profiles

The turnstile is provided with bright built-in LED indicators to show if access is granted or denied. Optionally the remote light indicators can be connected.

The RTD-15 can be operated from the remote control panel included in a standard delivery set or a wireless remote control (optionally) and can be easily integrated into most access control systems. The operating modes are set up independently for each passage direction.

The turnstile features:

  • two flush mounted 24V/50W halogen lamps located on the top channel as standard
  • anti-backup device to prevent reverse rotation once the rotor has turned more than 60°
  • "Fire Alarm" input to unblock the turnstile from fire alarm system or emergency button
  • "Lock-chamber" access operation for additional visual verification
Turnstile mechanical unlocking Walkway lightning in the cellar
Key override function
for emergency situations
Two flush set
walkway downlights

Two built-in mechanical release locks, one for each passage direction, allow unlocking the turnstile with a key for free passage in case of power failure or necessity to override an access control system ACS.

When operating under an access control system (ACS), the turnstile can support pulse and potential control modes. The turnstile outputs have galvanic isolation. The logic is protected against short circuit, overload and polarity inversion.

Due to low power consumption, the turnstile comes with safe voltage – 24V max.


Available in the same material and colour as the RTD-15 turnstiles, full height MB-15 railings and WHD-15 security gates will help to form a passageway of any required configuration and make the entrance design complete.

For protection against downfalls and climbing over, the turnstile may be supplied with a protective canopy to be joined into a single portal structure with the turnstile.

Special protecting apron for full height turnstile

A number of RTD-15 turnstiles with canopies can be mounted in one row. Special couplings have been designed to provide reliable joining of two or more canopies. This design also allows cable laying through all the top channels of the lined turnstiles, which makes the installation considerably easier.

By means of an extra foundation frame RF01, the turnstile can even be installed on an unstable ground.

Technical specifications:

Operating voltage:
  • turnstile
  • walkway downlights

24±2 V DC
24±2 V DC
Power consumption:
  • RTD-15.1
  • RTD-15.2
  • walkway downlights

Throughput capacity:
  • in the single passage state
  • in the free passage state

20 persons/min.
30 persons/min.
Number of operating modes:
  • in the pulse control mode
  • in the potential control mode

Overall dimensions (H × W × D) 2325×1800×1600 mm
Passageway width 755 mm
Ingress Protection Rating IP53 under EN 60529
Operating temperatures:
  • turnstile
  • remote control panel

-40°C to +55°C
+1°C to +40°C

Technical Data:

Warranty period

The warranty period is 5 (five) years from the date of sale of the product.

Materials and Finishes:

Sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect; light beige colour

Sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect; light beige colour

Sandpaper powder coating with pearl mica effect; light beige colour

Corrosion protected powder coated aluminium frame