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Business centers

PERCo offers ready-made solutions for business centers which imply many years of experience in the development and operation of security equipment systems. The advantages of PERCo solutions lie in the use of electronics, software, turnstiles, and locks made by the same manufacturer, which ensures full compatibility of devices and reliability of operation.
PERCo turnstiles and security systems have been installed and successfully operate in thousands of business centers and office buildings in Russia and abroad.

PERCo produces a wide range of turnstiles and IP-Stiles for business centers. Customers can choose the model according to their requirements for the design, overall dimensions, passage comfort, throughput, and price. Elegant models made of stainless steel, glass and polished stone: speed gates, rotary and box turnstiles are the most popular in business centers of A and B classes.

ST-01 Speed gate IP-Stile KT05 and 
motorized swing gate WMD-06 TTD-03.1 Box Tripod Turnstile RTD-03S Waist-high rotor turnstile

In small business centers, it is important to use tripods made of painted steel in various versions - compact, box tripod, which combine modern design and low cost.

KT02 IP-stile TTR-04.1 tripod turnstiles and BH02 waist-high railing systems TTD-03.1 Box Tripod Turnstile and BH02 waist-high railing systems

Railing systems and swing gates made in the same design with turnstiles are also used in order to form the passageway zones. There are rotary Antipanic sections, which can be opened both - mechanically and automatically by the command from the operator or by the ACS command. Additional passages for emergency exits can be organized by means of mechanical or automatic folding of the barrier arms of the turnstiles.

Employees and tenants use permanent cards: access cards, fingerprints, smartphones. Temporary ID cards are issued to visitors. Access cards are dropped into the card capture reader upon leaving the business center. PERCo produces both - separately installed card capture readers and turnstiles with built-in card capture readers.

PERCo system allows you to order a card for a visitor in advance or automatically transmit data to the system and issue a card by scanning a visitor's document in a matter of seconds. The system keeps records of visitors, monitors their location and registers the event of leaving the business center.

Protection against transferring the card to another person is implemented in the system in order to control the access of employees and tenants. The video identification module allows the guard to compare the identity of the card presenter on the monitor screen with the photo of its actual owner.

PERCo systems provide a "Vehicle checkpoint" (VCP) function to control the passage of transport vehicles. It allows you to control the entry, exit and location of vehicles in the business center, tenants and visitors to the business center. In the VCP, you can manage several travel zones equipped with boom barriers and long range card readers. The driver can present an access card without leaving the car.

IR10 reader

There is a video identification procedure provided for vehicles, which does not allow you to drive out in someone else's car.

The VCP implements the vehicle inspection by a security guard procedure. Automatic control of all entrances and exits, as well as the period while the cars of tenants and their visitors were within the territory of the business center provides data for settlements with tenants for using this service.

All rooms can be equipped with electromechanical locks, controllers and readers.

card reader IR04 AI01 remote control AU01 Electromechanical lock LB

PERCo Electromechanical lock specifically designed for use in access control systems does not require cable routing through the door leaf. The unique construction allows you to route the power through the lock bolt and preserve the integrity of the door leaf and jamb, its beautiful appearance, does not require complex and expensive installation and allows you to do without the additional door closing sensors (when operating with PERCo door controllers).

The business center administration can receive full information about the time spent by its employees, including a full report card in T12 and T13 formats, as well as reports on labor discipline violators – late attendance, no show and employees who left early.

The start and end of work can be linked to the passage through the turnstile in the lobby of the business center.

KT05 IP-stile AU05

The system records the work schedule of each employee – individual or common for the department. Employees present cards to readers when they come to work and leave. The time when employees pass through the turnstiles is saved in the system and later used for automatic report generation and reporting of labor discipline violations: late attendances, early leavings, and absences. Reports can be obtained by managers or HR managers at any time.

Automation of time and attendance allows you to reduce labor costs for drawing up a timesheet and exclude the influence of the human factor. The software supports weekly, shift, and flexible work schedules. It is possible to add the supporting documents (business trips, vacations, sick leave) and overtime orders.

A business center can raise revenues by providing tenants with data on hours worked by employees for an additional charge.

Additionally, a central security post is organized for full-scale protection of the business center which receives information from video surveillance systems, security and fire alarm systems, and access control.

A graphic plan of the site which indicates all technical means of protection is displayed on the monitors of the security officer.

The shared use of access control equipment, security and fire alarm systems and video surveillance allows security personnel not only to quickly receive information about suspicious events but also to remotely think over the situation on the monitor screen.

For example, when a fire detector is triggered, the data from the nearest video camera is automatically displayed on the monitor. The employee can figure out whether there is a real fire or a false alarm. This allows you to quickly take action without wasting time checking the event on-site.

You can configure the system what actions to perform automatically when an alarm occurs. For example, if security sensors are triggered in a room, the system will not only raise an alarm, but also block access to other rooms.

The system uses certified security and fire alarm equipment manufactured by PERCo.

central security post
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