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Educational institutions

School is a place where children spend almost all their time studying, working in groups and even doing homework. Sometimes, a child spends almost all day at educational institution. This is why this place has to be, as safe as possible. PERCo offers a ready-made solution for educational institutions based on the access control systems equipment when access to the institution is carried out by means of cards, and parents receive information about late attendances or absences at lessons. PERCo solutions for educational institutions also allow you to control access of outsiders, as well as to differentiate access to internal rooms: the teacher's room, medical room, junior class block, etc.

Blocking devices such as turnstiles or electronic passageways are installed in the lobby of the educational institution.

KT02 IP-stile TTD-03.1S Box tripod turnstile KT-02 IP-stile

For schools, PERCo offers compact models of turnstiles that can be installed even in the smallest and narrowest lobbies still keeping the high throughput. Models of compact "tripod" are designed to pass 500 people through a single turnstile, based on a peak load of 30 people per minute.

In colleges, it is worth installing PERCo box tripod turnstiles made of stainless steel, which provide sufficient durability and structurally allow you to form a passage when installed in a row. These models require a large room, but at the same time, they also offer a high throughput: 500 people per turnstile at a peak load of 30 people per minute.

The possibility of installing PERCo turnstiles in educational institutions is confirmed by the conclusion of the Russian EMERCOM Fire service.

All turnstiles are equipped with special folding "Antipanic" barrier arms, which will allow you to instantly provide a free exit zone in case of emergency. PERCo produces turnstiles with both mechanical and automatic "Antipanic" barrier arms.

Zone of the passageway is organized by means of PERCo railing systems with rotary sections that are equipped with a pivoting device. PERCo railing systems are designed in the same way as various models of PERCo turnstiles and can be easily integrated with them.

Proximity access cards are issued to students, teachers, and technical staff.

Information about students, including the schedule, study groups or additional classes and the cards issued to them, is stored in the system memory.

The cardholder presents the card to the reader, and the turnstile will open for passage if the card is registered in the system. If a student forgot his access card at home, the security guard can let them through by using the turnstile remote control device.

In educational institutions, students have limited access to certain rooms. This is a teacher's room, a medical room, auxiliary offices of physics and chemistry, an Assembly hall, a block of junior classrooms, etc. PERCo systems allow you to differentiate access by rooms according to the cardholder's status and time.

All offices are equipped with Electromechanical locks, readers and controllers. The same access cards are used for accessing the rooms for passing through the turnstiles in the lobby. The cards specify the passage rights of the holder, including the time interval when it is allowed to access to the rooms.

From the outside, the door can be opened only after card presentation, and from the inside - by pressing the button next to the door handle. In case of emergency, all locks are opened by a command from the PC.

Access to rooms

For full-scale protection, it is necessary to organize verification and video surveillance.

Verification allows you to organize enhanced access control through turnstiles. A video camera which is connected to the reader is installed in the lobby. The student presents the access card to the reader, and two images appear on the guard's monitor: the person who is standing in front of the turnstile, and the photo of the card holder from the database. After comparing the images, the security guard can deny access if the images from the camera and the database do not match.

Video surveillance is another additional option that allows you to enhance the security not only of the school territories but also inside of the school. In order to do this, CCTV should be installed along the entire perimeter of the educational building, in the corridors, classrooms, canteen and other rooms so the images will be transmitted to the guard's computer. Any alarm situations, including a fight between students, are immediately transferred to the guard, who can take timely measures.

PERCo solutions for educational institutions allow you to not only control and manage access to rooms, but also to control attendance, late attendance, no show, and school absences. The lesson schedule is stored in the system database. Information about the time of arrival and departure of the student is compared with the lesson schedule contained in his personal card. Based on the comparison, it is possible to generate a report on attendance, detect late attendances and no show events.

You can also use information about school arrivals and departures to monitor discipline and track employee hours. All passages by access cards are stored in the access control system and can later be used for a timesheet formation.

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