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Sports and entertainment facilities

Sports and entertainment facilities-stadiums, parks, resorts, water parks, swimming pools - are high-risk objects where a large crowd of people can be located at the same time.
It is necessary to provide security at the site for the entrance control, unauthorized entry prohibition, fare violation, detention of by-passers and crowding prevention.
PERCo offers ready-made solutions that take into account the specifics of organizing access control at sports and entertainment facilities.
PERCo turnstiles for stadiums and other sports and entertainment facilities provide high throughput and can be operated outdoors. Durable design allows you to withstand a large flow of visitors. In order to organize ticket access, PERCo turnstiles can be integrated into paid access systems.

The entrance to stadiums, resorts, parks, water parks, usually located in the open air or in an unheated room.

RTD-15 full height rotor turnstile T-5 tripod turnstiles RTD-15 full height rotor turnstile

PERCo offers models of turnstiles used for outdoor operation for such checkpoints. They are made of stainless steel or coated with an anti-corrosion compound that allows them to work at ambient temperatures from -40 to +55°C. The reliability of the design of PERCo turnstiles is obtained by the increased rigidity of the welded structure of the product.

PERCo full-height rotor turnstiles are installed at stadiums, which provide a complete blocking of the passage area due to the overall dimensions. The height of the PERCo full-height turnstile is 180 cm, which will make it impossible even the tallest visitors to jump over it. Full-height rotor turnstiles are supplemented with full-height gates for organizing evacuation exit.

RTD-15 full height rotor turnstile RTD-15 full height rotor turnstile

For parks, PERCo offers outdoor tripod turnstiles which allow guards to control the access of visitors at any time of the year and in any weather.

TTR-04CW tripod turnstile TTR-04CW tripod turnstile

Gates with increased width are used to provide comfortable passage for visitors with bicycles and baby carriages.

For exhibition complexes, PERCo offers stainless steel box tripod turnstiles with artificial stone top covers. The design of the turnstiles makes it possible to form a passage area without using additional fencing. Due to elegant appearance, these turnstiles will complement the design of any entrance area.

S-700 system with TTD-03.1 box tripod turnstile and WMD-05 motorized swing gate

For fitness and amusement centers, compact tripods are used. Compact design of these turnstiles allows them to be installed in the smallest entrance halls.

TTR-08A tripod turnstile T-5 tripod turnstile

To delimit in-and-out flows, PERCo recommends swing gates, designed to organize free passage in one direction, at the same time prohibiting passage in the other.

TTD-03.1 box tripod turnstile and WMD-05 motorized swing gate

PERCo solutions make it possible to organize access to sports and entertainment facilities for people with reduced mobility. In this case, the entrances are equipped with automatic gates of increased width. Available width of swing gates: 650mm, 900mm or 1100mm, depending on the required passage width.

Turnstiles are installed at the entrance for access control purposes.

Railing systems are used as guide barrier sections with turnstiles, and gates are installed as devices for emergency exit.

T-5 tripod turnstile and BH02 waist-high railing systems, фитнесс-студия, Германия KT02 IP-stile, WMD-05S motorized swing gate and BH02 waist-high railing systems

PERCo has developed models of turnstiles with the mechanical or automatic "Antipanic" function, as well as turnstiles and gates that automatically unlock in case of power failure. Free exit in emergency situations is provided by automatic or mechanical folding of barrier arms or automatic unblocking of turnstiles and gates.

The "Antipanic" rotary sections of railing systems can also be used to clear the passageway in case of emergency. Width of 1.2 m meets the requirements of fire safety.

PERCo offers more than 20 types of railing system elements that allow you to create a passageway zone of any desired configuration, based on the size of the checkpoint and its layout.

PERCo turnstiles can be integrated in paid access ticket systems. The turnstile panels unlock and allow the visitor to pass through after presentation of the valid ticket. PERCo turnstiles allow you to organize the passage according to the principle: "one ticket-one person".

Valjoly Holiday Park, France
1.76 MB — 18.08.2020
Fisht Olympic Stadium, Russia
3.23 MB — 21.08.2020
Marassi Beach Resort, Egypt
3.28 MB — 18.08.2020
Cinamon Cinema Chain, Baltic States
3.92 MB — 21.07.2019