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Compact tripod turnstiles

Tripod turnstiles are the most popular turnstile model due to their compact cost-effective design and reliability. Tripod turnstiles are used to organize access control in administrative and educational institutions, industrial enterprises, banks, parks, transport, sports, and construction facilities.

Due to the compact design, tripod turnstiles can be installed at any checkpoint, even in limited spaces. PERCo offers a wide range of compact tripod turnstiles.

TTR-10A motorized tripod turnstile made of stainless steel can be used outdoors without a shelter. TTR-10A can be installed on the wall, floor, and transport handrails. Smooth and quiet operation and automatic rotation of the barrier arms are carried out due to the built-in motor drive.

TTR-08A turnstile is made of stainless steel and can be operated outdoors without a shelter. Automatic "anti-panic" barrier arms provide a clear exit passage in an emergency.

Readers can be installed under the turnstile top cover. The dynamic LED indication displays turnstile operation modes.

TTR-07.1 tripod turnstile is designed for indoor use. Its housing is made of powder-coated steel, and its barrier arms are made of stainless steel. Automatic "anti-panic" barrier arms provide a fast and free passage in an emergency.

The TTR-04 series turnstiles are made of powder–coated steel, and the barrier arms are made of stainless steel. TTR-04.1 is designed for indoor use, TTR-04CW is designed for outdoor application under a shelter or unheated rooms.

T-5 turnstile is a cost-effective solution for providing access control. The budget price of the model is achieved through a simplified design.

For complex equipment, PERCo produces railing systems made in a single design with the turnstiles.

For emergencies, the rotary sections with the "anti-panic" function are provided, which ensures fast and safe evacuation.