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Box tripod turnstiles

Box tripod turnstiles are perfect for facilities with high pedestrian flow. Box tripod turnstiles installed in one line form a passage zone without extra railing system installation.

Box tripod turnstiles have increased durability due to the stainless-steel design.

TTD-10A and TTD-08A models have an all-weather design (except for versions with a card capture reader and a coin acceptor).

TTD-10A, TTD-08A, TBC-01.9A, and TB-01.9A box tripod turnstiles are equipped with automatic anti-panic barrier arms, which ensure a quick opening of the passage zone.

Box tripod turnstiles are distinguished by an easy integration with additional equipment.

Special fronts panels and brackets simplify the installation of additional equipment. Due to its modular design, TTD-10A turnstile allows embedding various equipment: barcode scanners, biometric devices, card capture readers, coin acceptors, card capture readers, breathalyzers, etc. The readers can be installed under the top cover of the TTD-08A and TTD-03.1 models.

Some models are equipped with built-in readers and card capture readers. For example, TB-01.9A and TBC-01.9A are equipped with 2 built-in readers, TBC-01.9A is also equipped with a card capture reader.