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Transportation facilities

Airports, train stations, ports, and public transport are mass gathering places where security requirements are increased. PERCo solutions for transport provide a high level of security, contactless access to the controlled territory, ease of integration with ticketing systems and automated working hours record of employees at airports, train stations and ports.

High throughput – 60 people per minute – is provided by speed gates - turnstiles with swing or sliding panels. Depending on the site goals, you can choose a model with panels of increased width or height. In case of an emergency or power loss, panels of the speed gates open automatically, allowing you to organize a quick evacuation of people. Speed gates have a high mean time to failure of 5 million passes, which ensures reliable operation, even in conditions of heavy passenger flow.

PERCo speed gates can be integrated with additional equipment. For example, an effective solution for verifying passengers at the airports is a speed gate with a barcode scanner and a face recognition terminal.

Full-height turnstiles that completely block the passageway area provide the maximum level of security. To organize evacuation exits, as well as passages for people with low-mobility and transportation of oversized cargo, turnstiles are supplemented with full-height gates.

Automatic gates allow you to arrange access control within limited space such as passport control zone.

Motorized tripod turnstiles are suitable for operation in public transport. These models can be installed on the handrails of public transport and they are compact and resistant to vibration loads.

Full information about motorized turnstiles for transport can be found here.

You can read more about the choice of blocking devices here.

Access by barcode

A convenient way of identification in transport facilities is access by barcode. A ticket with a barcode can be printed out in advance or viewed on a smartphone in electronic format and presented to the reader upon passage.

Face recognition

Blocking devices can be equipped with a special terminal for organizing access by face recognition. Face recognition terminal and PERCo-Web access control system interact online. In order to enhance access control at the site, it is possible to use several identification methods simultaneously, such as face recognition with a barcode confirmation.

C01 online controller is designed for organizing access control within automated fare collection systems. C01 online controller can be integrated with ticketing system, turnstiles and swing gates. The online controller can also be integrated into the turnstile. Both proximity card readers and barcode scanners can be connected to the controller.

Detailed information about the controller's operating principle and examples of solutions can be found on the product page of C01 controller.

Passengers purchase tickets with barcodes in order to access the boarding area at the airports or train stations. A list of barcodes is compiled in the system for each of the controllers. After scanning the barcode, the controller sends information to the system to verify the ticket validity and unlock the turnstile, the ticket will be canceled after passage.

PERCo solutions allow controlling employee access to the territory and transport facilities, as well as keeping automated record of working hours by means of control equipment.

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