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Since the establishment of PERCo in 1988 the profile of the company remains unchangeable – security systems and safety equipment production.

Over three decades of PERCo’s successful work determined the direction and pace of development of the Russian security systems market. Numerous popular products on the market were first designed and manufactured by PERCo.

1988. Establishment of the company. Development and production of custom-made security systems begins.

1991. PERCo manufactures the first Russian-made tripod turnstile.

1993. PERCo develops and starts production of the first in Russia electromechanical office lock and proximity-cards based network access control system.

First Russian-made tripod turnstile, 1992 First Russian proximity-cards based network access control system, 1992 First Russian Proximity access cards, 1992

1994. PERCo sets up a network of dealers.

1995-1996. PERCo opens production of the first Russian-made proximity card readers initiating a wide spread of RFID technologies in the country.

First Russian Card Reader, 1992 First film «Turnstiles and IP-Stiles», 1996 PERCo at first exhibition «Bank and Office» in Moscow, 1996

1999. PERCo launches serial production of waist-high and full height electromechanical rotor turnstiles.

2000. A nationwide network of showrooms at regional dealers'’ and a training center are opened.

2001. The first international installation outside the CIS countries (Reykjavik, Island).

2002. Expansion of sales geography, the first sales to France, Japan and the UK.

The first international installation outside the CIS countries (Reykjavik, Island), 2001 Draw of a 5000 turnstile, 2003 Warehouse in the EC (Tallinn, Estonia), 2004

2003. PERCo products are exported to 45 countries worldwide.

2004-2005. PERCo sets up a network of regional service centers and opens a warehouse in the EU (Tallinn, Estonia). The company participates in major international security shows in Germany, the UAE, the USA and the UK.

PERCo at exhibition in Las Vegas, USA Exhibition PERCo point in the exhibition SECURITY-2004. Essen, Germany. PERCo exhibits its products in Paris

2006. PERCo opens its first showroom abroad (Glasgow, UK), exports to 51 countries.

2007. PERCo produces the first in Russia Ethernet-based Complex security and management enhancement system. The system combines main aspects of security such as access control, CCTV, intrusion and fire alarm, and provides for more effective business operation.
The company breaks ground for a new manufacturing plant in Pskov.

2008. The start of the IP-Stile production.

First Russian Ethernet-based security and management enhancement system S-20, 2007 Construction of the plant in Pskov First Russian IP-Stile — mixture of electronics, mechanics and software, 2008

2009. PERCo launches the first phase of its new manufacturing plant in Pskov.

2010. The official opening of the PERCo plant in Pskov.
PERCo quality management system is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 international standard.
PERCo equipment and security systems are sold in 73 countries.

The official opening of the PERCo plant, 2010 Cutting of the ribbon at the official opening of the new PERCo manufacturing plant Handing certificate ISO 9001: 2008 over to the PERCo factory, 2010

2011. PERCo produces a specialized system for the educational institutions PERCo-S-20 "School" based on the Ethernet-technologies. The system ensures the students’ safety and attendance control by parents and teachers. In this year the system has been successfully applied in hundreds of schools, from Vladivostok to Minsk.
The Training Center of PERCo introduced a new interactive format of learning -the Internet seminars (webinars). In 2011, 1512 specialists were trained within 130 webinars.

PERCo-S-20 «School» based on the Ethernet-technologies Opening of the training center in Pskov, 2011 2012 — the beginning of a large-scale program for the training and certification of Authorized Installers

2012. Introduction of a training system and "PERCo Authorized installer" certification for partners. Operating of PERCo systems and equipment is now a compulsory subject at two Universities in Belorussia and Russia: Ministry of the Interior Institute in Voronezh and Belorussian State University of Informatics and Electronic Engineering.
Launch of series production of T &A data station LICON, turnstiles with built-in card readers and a visitor management function, IP-Stiles based on a rotor turnstile.

2013. PERCo celebrates its 25-th anniversary on the security market.
Set up of PERCo regional warehouses.
Launch of series production of turnstiles with automatic anti-panic function.
PERCo S-20 security system is accepted as standard and included in study program of 10 leading universities in Russia and CIS region.

25 years of PERCo WMD-05  motorized swing gates at Pulkovo-2 International Airport, Saint Petersburg

2014. PERCo motorized gates are installed at customs posts in new terminal of Pulkovo airport in Saint Petersburg. 80% of Moscow schools are equipped with PERCo IP-stiles. First electromechanical lock with voltage supply through the groups of contacts in the locking bolt is launched at the market. A series of educational webinars aimed at PERCo foreign partners’ training is held. The first PERCo service centre for European partners’ support is opened in Estonia.

2015. PERCo launches serial production of stainless steel turnstiles for outdoor use with automatic "anti-panic" function.
PERCo products are supplied to more than 80 countries worldwide.

ST-01 Speed Gate PERCo-Web Access control system New PERCo headquaters building in Saint-Petersburg

2016. PERCo is proud to present the new ST-01 speed gate.
PERCo releases the first Access Control System with web-interface.

Warranty Training center Warehouse in the Netherlands

2017. PERCo increases the warranty period for its equipment up to 5 years.
The expansion of PERCo training center - training classroom is opened in Saint-Petersburg.
PERCo products warehouse opening in the Netherlands.

2018. PERCo celebrated its 30th anniversary. PERCo Full height turnstiles successfully coped with the streams of fans at the 2018 World Cup. Partners from 11 countries were trained at the PERCo Training Center. PERCo equipment is sold in 90 countries of the world.