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Compact tripod turnstiles

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A combination of compact design, reasonable price and proven high reliability makes PERCo compact tripod turnstiles a bestseller in the access control market. PERCo tripod turnstiles are considered to be a universal solution for access control at the entrance points of businesses and organizations thanks to its wide model range.

This series consists of a TTR-08A and TTR-07.1 with automatic anti-panic function providing free passageway in emergency situations. TTR-08A with its modern and elegant design is made of stainless steel and can be used outdoors without shelter. TTR-07.1 is designed for indoor use only.

The series also features TTR-04.1 model and a T-5 light model with built-in control unit for indoor applications and a TTR-04CW-24 model with remote control unit for outdoor applications (under shelter).