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Box tripod turnstiles

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Box tripod turnstiles are a perfect solution to secure entrances with high pedestrian flow. Installed in one line, box tripod turnstiles make up the passageway area without any extra guide barriers installation.

TTD-08A box tripod turnstile is designed for outdoor use wihtout shelter, featuring automatic anti-panic function, places for concealed mounting of proximity card readers and LED indication. The turnstile is made of stainless steel in a modern style, providing a secure, elegant and modern-looking solution for outdoor and indoor applications.

Box tripod turnstiles of TB-01 and TBC-01 series are equipped with 2 proximity card readers, offering an elegnat and compact solution for entrance ways with high flow at sites where interior aesthetics and security are high priorities. TBC-01 model also features a built-in card capture reader, saving time, expenses and installation efforts.

TTD-03 series of box tripod turnstiles consists of a TTD-03.1 model with artificial stone top cover and a TTD-03.2 model made of stainless steel. The top cover of the TTD-03.1 is radio-transparent for concealed mounting of proximity card readers inside the housing. The TTD-03.2 turnstile features a brushed stainless steel top cover with two built-in status and direction LED indicators.