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PERCo-Web Access control system

PERCo-Web is a convenient tool for effective business management. The system is designed to enhance security and optimize workforce management.

Entrance to the enterprise is equipped with turnstiles, access controllers and proximity card readers. Employees receive cards issued in the form of permanent passes. For visitors temporary cards are issued. To collect temporary passes at the exit, a card capture reader can be installed.
Employees or visitors can access only the rooms where they have a permission, and only at a certain time. Employees with special status have a right to activate the security mode, and to deactivate it on return.
Organization of employees and visitors passage with operator confirmation allows you to enhance the access control. Verification protects from the passage by someone else's card. After presenting a card, photo of the card holder from the system database is displayed on security monitor, and if there is a mismatch, security prohibits access by pressing the button on RC panel. In case of cameras installation at the check point for comparison with a photo stored in the system, an image of the card holder received from video camera is additionally displayed on security monitor.
Access control equipment is used to control work discipline and to record working hours. All entrances / exits of employees are registered in the system and are used later to make reports on violation of labor discipline and worked time log. For these purposes it is even more convenient to use T&A terminal. It can be installed near employees workstations, for example, at the entrance door of the office.
By presenting a card to the reader at the entrance, employees register their arrival at work. Likewise, when leaving work, they present a card to the reader at the exit and register their leaving. Based on these data, system generates reports on labor discipline about: late arrivals, early leavings and absences during the working day . LICON allows the leader to access the system remotely via a smart phone, tablet or laptop. It is enough to connect to the Internet, enter a password and log into the system.
System allows making the process of cards issue and withdrawal automated. Operator enters personal data of the employee or visitor and specifies certain access rights. Card can be issued upon arrival or in advance, system has an option of pass pre-order. Work schedule of each employee is entered into the system, if employee's arrival / departure time does not correspond to his work schedule, system fixes a violation of workforce management, and HR department can receive reports on violators at any time. Automation of working hours recording allows you to reduce labor costs of accounting department and to remove the impact of human factor.

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Web technologies

The system server is installed on one computer connected to the Ethernet network. Software installation on users’ workstations is not required.

Users work with the system in their usual Web browsers, using any platform, including mobile ones. Users can work from computer, tablet or smartphone.

Updating the firmware of controllers can also be carried out through a computer network.

Web technologies


Work with the software is organized in an intuitive way. Connection to the system is similar to entering the site: you need to type in the address bar of the browser the IP address of the server of the system, enter your password, and you can start working. Users can only perform actions for which they are authorized by the system administrator. The following workstations can be organized on remote computers:

  • «Administrator»
  • «Security Service»
  • «Pass Office»
  • «Personnel department»
  • «Accounting»

Free software

All PERCo-Web modules will be provided free of charge for foreign* markets within 3 years.

In order to increase system's functionality it's necessary to order a license for the full software version. To get acquainted with opportunities of the full software version there is a 60-day trial period. License doesn't have restrictions on number of jobs, controllers and cards in the system. During the next 3 years license is acquired by foreign partners free of charge.

*except for EAEU countries

Trial period for the full version


The universal architecture of the system makes it possible to apply it both in small offices and in large enterprises.

If it is necessary to expand the system, you need just to include new equipment in the Ethernet network.

When organizing new jobs, it's enough to add a new user to the system and give him the appropriate authority to work.

Biometric identification

Biometric identification makes passes‘ forgery extremely complicated and reduces the chances of unauthorized passages to the territory.

PERCo-Web system can operate with Suprema biometric controller. As per authorization in the system access cards and fingerprints of employees and visitors can be used, either together or separately.

Biometric controllers as well as PERCo controllers are connected to the system via Ethernet. Net settings and configurations of Suprema equipment are made within the interface of PERCo-Web system.

Биометрическая идентификация

Training and technical support

For the system users, free face-to-face seminars in the PERCo Training Center and also online seminars are organized. In addition, for all the sections of the software there are step-by-step video instructions located in the Support section.

We conduct training and certification of our partners so that they can professionally serve our customers. Certified PERCo partners will calculate the necessary package of the equipment and the system, deliver, install and implement the system in your company. A list of these partners can be found in the section Where to buy.

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  • Создание учетных данных сотрудника
  • Просмотр учетных данных сотрудника
  • Выдача карты доступа сотруднику
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  • Контроль дисциплины
  • Журнал отработанного времени
Communication interface standard Ethernet (IEEE 802.3)
Data transfer rates Ethernet, Mbps 10/100
Number of controllers 512
Access card format HID, EM-Marin, Mifare
Total number of access cards, pcs.

100 000
50 000
Number of registration events
for other controllers

135 000
140 000
Number of spatial control zones 1024
Number of time access criteria of type
time zone (up to 4 time slots)
weekly chart
sliding daily chart
sliding weekly chart

Number of days with special status, holidays (up to 8 types) 365