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Turnstiles, gates, railing systems

How to select a turnstile

Overview video "How to select a turnstile" allows selecting equipment for access control organization at the entrance. Turnstiles control the flow of people, the entrance and exit, and protect from unauthorized access. Turnstiles are installed at the checkpoints of industrial enterprises, public and educational institutions, banks, hospitals, sports, entertainment, and other facilities.

PERCo manufactures a wide range of turnstiles, swing gates, and railing systems to meet the unique needs of each customer. Our turnstile experts can help you select the right turnstile for your facility, based on several factors, including security level, traffic volume, and location.

  • turnstiles can operate as stand-alone devices and as part of access control systems
  • built-in control units or boards are included in the delivery set
  • models for indoor and outdoor application (under shelter)
  • models with anti-panic barrier arms
  • high throughput rate
  • bi-directional passage control
  • RC-panel is included in the delivery set
  • LED directional/state indication
  • safety supply voltage 12 – 36V
  • turnstile can be unblocked with a key in emergencies
  • inertia-free and smooth rotation mechanism

PERCo turnstiles have been produced since 1988 and have a high degree of reliability tested by tens of thousands of installations in 94 countries worldwide.

Integrated with access control systems, PERCo products provide a security level, which satisfies even the most exacting requirements.

The automatic “anti-panic” function of the tripod turnstiles is an up-to-date solution that allows organizing a fast evacuation in case of emergencies.

To form passage zones of any required configurations and complete your entrance design, PERCo turnstiles and swing gates can be installed together with matching railings of different types.

  • single passage in one direction
  • free passage in one direction
  • single passage in each direction
  • free passage in both directions
  • always blocked (closed for entry and exit)
  • lock-chamber mode (for full height rotor turnstiles)

The operation modes can be set with the RC-panel or an ACS command.

Optionally the following devices can be connected to PERCo turnstiles:

  • remote light indicators
  • wireless remote control
  • emergency unblocking devices
  • intrusion detectors and sirens