A new model of the automatic swing gate.

We are happy to announce the launch of a new modification of the swing gate in our WMD series.

WMD-05S, which comes to replace WMD-04S, is an improved and upgraded version of its predecessor. With its original look kept unchanged, the new model provides better performance characteristics, increased reliability and serviceability.

The WMD-05S features a drive with a high-accuracy location sensor (encoder).  This high-accuracy positioning feature ensures well-synchronized operation of 2 swing gates controlled by one control signal.

Now with additional FireAlarm mode the new model can be unlocked in any direction from an external control device by a fire alarm signal, for instance.

The WMD-05S is available with swing panels in three different sizes: 650, 900 or 1100 mm ensuring passage 700, 950 or 1150 mm wide correspondingly.

Swing gate WMD-05S