AWAL markets PERCo turnstiles in Libya

This year AWAL Co., our Libyan sales partner, have presented PERCo turnstiles at two major trade shows held in Tripoli — the Ninth Mediterranean Petroleum Conference and Exhibition MPC 2006 and the 3rd Annual International Telecom & Information Technology Exhibition TAQNYA 2006.

AWAL Co., the IDTECK´s exclusive distributor in the Middle East, demonstrated PERCo tripods as a part of a complex access control system.

Recently 5 PERCo tripod turnstiles with anti-panic drop arms were installed by AWAL to protect the entrance of the Ministry of Financial Monitoring in Tripoli. Besides, AWAL Co. installed 7 waist-high RTD-03 rotors at the entrance checkpoint of TRUCKS Company near Tripoli. AWAL Co. have also received a few inquiries and had visitors from various Libyan government bodies including the Olympic committee, the Ministry of Sports and several others.

PERCo the company's stand at the exhibition AWAL TYQNIA-2006, Tripoli, Libya.Tripod PERCo the exhibition TYQNIA-2006, Tripoli, Libya.Tripod PERCo-TTR-04.1 in the Ministry of Finance of Libya, Tripoli.Tripod PERCo-TTR-04.1 in the Ministry of Finance of Libya, Tripoli.Tripod PERCo color «Starry Night», the Ministry of Finance of Libya, Tripoli.