Exhibition news: DDS presents PERCo turnstiles at IFSEC 2010

Directional Data System Ltd, our UK sales partner since 2005, has returned from IFSEC 2010 www.ifsec.co.uk held on May 10-13, at the NEC in Birmingham.

Celebrating its 22nd birthday this year, IFSEC 2010, the world's leading global annual security event, spread over seven product areas to source all security solutions, uniting over 25,000 security professionals with more than 600 world leading companies. By the show organizer, IFSEC 2010 was a hugely successful show despite the economic downturn.

Mr. Malcolm K Meikle, DDS Sales Director commented: «We were launching the new T5 tripod and the KT-02 IP-Stile based on Ethernet as well as TTD-03 and RTD-03 units. This gave us a good mix of security products and we had a good deal of product interest all round». The visitors flow at the stand was rather good and this year an interest to PERCo equipment was shown not only by European clients but also by security professionals from Lebanon, India and Iraq.

«In general, I would say that the show was better than last year and we will be better able to judge in a few months time», said Mr. M. K. Meikle.

Photos courtesy of Ron Dunbar

International Exhibition of Security IFSEC-2010, Birmingham, UK.Demonstration of equipment PERCo, Birmingham, UK.Negotiations with partners at the exhibition IFSEC-2010, Birmingham, UK.Turnstile Tripod T-5, Birmingham, UK.IP-Stile PERCo-KT02, Birmingham, UK.Box Tripod PERCo-TTD-03.1, Birmingham, UK.Automatic wicket gate PERCo-WMD-04S, Birmingham, UK.