Exhibition news: PERCo turnstiles at NORDBYGG 2010, Stockholm

NORDBYGG 2010ABAS Protect AB, our sales partners in Sweden, took part in the NORDBYGG 2010 trade fair in Stockholm, 23-26 March 2010. NORDBYGG is the largest architecture and construction fair in the Northern countries. A record number of more than 850 exhibitors filled the premises of Stockholm International Fair to show their products and services for construction and real estate.

ABAS Protect AB exhibited such main PERCo waist-high products as the TTR-04.1 compact tripod turnstile and the TTD-03.1 box tripod turnstile with railings, and the WMD-04S swing gate. Also shown was the new KT-02 IP-Stile entrance control system.

As Roger Axelsson, ABAS Sales Director, pointed out during the trade show: «We do like the quality of the products we are demonstrating here. At this fair we want to introduce PERCo access control products to planners, architects and construction consultants from all of the Nordic region: first and foremost from Sweden but also from Denmark, Finland and Norway. We are very positive about the outcome of our participation – the stand is receiving a great deal of interest from the visitors; we have had a number of architects who requested detailed information about the exhibited products so that they could include them in their projects»

PERCo turnstiles at NORDBYGG 2010, StockholmPERCo equipment demonstration at an exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.Negotiations with partners at an exhibition in Stockholm, Sweden.