New class room at PERCO training center

A new class room has been opened at PERCo training center located at the production factory in Pskov. The class room is intended for training to operate PERCo S-20 access control system. Individual training stands allow trainees to try PERCo-S-20 live and model all kind of situations with regard to S-20. Coach’s software is projected to a big screen as well as displayed at the trainees’ computers. Nine training stands easily accommodate 2 trainees allowing to conduct effective workshops for 18 specialists at a time.

The training center at Pskov production plant was opened in 2008 together with launch of the first phase of the factory. It was established for installers of security systems, as well as for users – IT-specialists, heads of security departments, HR managers etc.

Since its launch a few hundreds of specialists have been trained in the center so far. Two-day workshops offer theoretical and practical training of operating PERCo equipment.

New class at PERCo training centerNew class at PERCo training center