New IP-Stile KT-08A in stock at PERCo warehouse in the EU

IP-Stile KT-08A

We are pleased to announce that new IP-Stile KT-08A for outdoor use is already available at our warehouse in the European Union.

IP-Stiles by PERCo are easy to install, because it is not necessary to integrate readers and controller – all necessary components of access control system are already integrated at the production stage.

KT-08A IP-Stile, designed for outdoor use without shelter, is a turnkey solution for access control management. It is fitted with automatic "Anti-panic" folding arms and LED indication. In case of power loss or by a signal from an ACS or emergency button the barrier arm automatically falls down leaving the passage free in emergency situations.

New IP-Stile is made of stainless steel and offers a secure and modern-looking solution for various outdoor and indoor applications.

KT-08A keeps high quality standards of PERCo brand, meeting the market’s requirements with the state-of-the-art equipment.

LED passage indicationAutomatic “Anti-panic” barrier arms