New line of double passage full height rotor turnstiles

Sales of double passage full height rotor turnstiles have started. This model allows to organize two controlled passageways within the confined space.

Use of hot dip galvanization technology prior to painting procedure guarantees the high corrosion resistance. New turnstiles have the same mechanisms and electronics as the previous series of full height turnstiles, which have proven their quality worldwide.

The new line is presented by 4 models that differ in external appearance and in rotor resetting mechanism:

RTD-20.1 RTD-20.1S RTD-20.2 RTD-20.2S
Motorized mechanism
Electromechanical mechanism
Powder coated steel rotor
Stainless steel rotor

RTD-20 series turnstiles are made in the same design as RTD-16 series which allows to use them with full height security gates WHD-16 and MB-16 railing systems when organizing a passageway, an emergency exit, wheel-chair access and movement of bulky items.