News from Great Britain: PERCo turnstiles at The Royal National Welsh Eisteddfod

PERCo turnstiles and swing gates have perfectly coped with the task of access control at the annual Royal National Welsh Eisteddfod, which recently ended in Cardiff, the capital of Wales.

Eisteddfod, which is the annual festival of Welsh literature, music and drama, is one of the most important cultural events in Wales. Access control was arranged with three swing gates and eight turnstiles by PERCo integrated into admission ticketing system. Special model of PERCo electromechanical swing gate allowed comfortable passage for disabled people and child buggies. The amission ticketing system is designed by our UK sales partnerDirectional Data Systems Ltd who were also responsible for complete installation and maintenance of equipment.

After the festival closed, the DDS head of sales Michael Harris remarked: «They had 155,000 visitors from 40 countries and this was a record attendance. One of our technicians was staying all day on standby but we had the whole thing running like clockwork in here so very confident that it did a great job».

Royal National Festival Eistedfodd. WalesTripod PERCo-TTR-2004 to the Royal National Festival Eistedfodd-2009. WalesTurnstiles PERCo-TTR-04 at the Royal National Festival Eistedfodd-2009. Wales