News from Italy: PERCo Full Height Rotors installed at ARNEG´s plant

A few PERCo RTD-15.2 full height rotors with canopies have been recently installed at the entrance of ARNEG´s plant in Padua, North Italy. ARNEG is a group of companies that keeps a leading position in the field of commercial refrigeration with subsidiaries, branches and production plants in both Americas and Europe.

The turnstiles will be used as integral part of the perimeter access control and identification system installed at the plant. The installation and setup works were carried out by BIOS Srl, our sales partner in Italy. This is already the second large project with PERCo turnstiles realized by BIOS over just 5-month time.

PERCo full height RTD-15.2 rotors with RTC-15R canopies at the ARNEG´s plant of refrigeration systems. Padua, Italy. Installation by BIOS Srl, CamposampieroTurnstile PERCo-RTD-15.2 in Padua (Italy) on one of the company's plants ARNEG.PERCo-RTD-15.2 in Padua (Italy) on one of the company's plants ARNEG