PERCo Design & Installation takes part in «Security and Safety 2005»

Last week the authorized Sales and Service Center in St. Petersburg, PERCo Design & Installation Center (DIC), exhibited at the «Security and Safety 2005» Forum held in the Lenexpo center. Apart from the services, on display were such PERCo products as box and rotor turnstiles, automatic swing gate, network access control system SYS–15000 and parking management system PERCo-PARKING. Installing companies and specialists from both business and public sectors expressed a keen interest in the equipment.

«Our participation has confirmed that the services offered by the Center are in high demand in the market», says Rashid Khasanov, Director of PERCo DIC. «First, we work to the manufacturer’s standards. And second, thanks to the wide scope and variety of our services, we appeal to the end users and installers alike».

Stand sales and service center PMC PERCo at the exhibition. St. Petersburg, Russia.Interest in the equipment PERCo was expressed by both companies installers, and by experts in various commercial and governmental structures. St. Petersburg, Russia.Exhibition area PMC PERCo at the exhibition «Safety and Security 2005». St. Petersburg, Russia.ATEC PERCo is exhibiting its products and services. St. Petersburg, Russia.At stands access control system PERCo-SYS-15000. St. Petersburg, Russia.The system for paying parking PERCo-PARKING at the exhibition «Safety and Security 2005». St. Petersburg, Russia.Sales and service center PMC PERCo took part in exhibition «Safety and security 2005» held at the Exhibition Complex Leneskpo. St. Petersburg, Russia.ATEC PERCo took part in exhibition «Safety and security 2005». St. Petersburg, Russia.Exhibition space LenExpo and ATEC PERCo. St. Petersburg, Russia.