PERCo new development – access control system with web interface

PERCo-Web access control system is launched for foreign markets.

System is designed to organize access control of employees and visitors to the territory and offices of the enterprise, to automate working time recording and to control the workforce management.

PERCo-Web system can be applied at different types of facilities: enterprises, offices, business-centers, banks, universities, government buildings and many others.

Such wide range of applications is provided by the fact that PERCo-Web represents an optimal complex of access control and T&A management functions.


PERCo-Web features:

  • Free software. Software will be provided free of charge for foreign partners within 3 years.
  • Easy access. The system server is installed on one computer connected to the Ethernet network. Software installation on users’ workstations is not required.
  • Web based. Users work with the system in their usual Web browsers on any platform, including mobile ones, so they can work from computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • User-friendly. Working with the software is organized in an intuitive way. Connection to the system is similar to entering the site.