PERCo new products at «Security and Safety Technologies 2005»

At the beginning of February the International Forum «Security and Safety Technologies 2005» took place in the city of Moscow, where PERCo presented a number of its new products:

  • SYS-15000 access control system with video identification module
  • PARKING Automated management system
  • TTD-03.1 box tripod turnstile with built-in control unit
  • TTR-04.1 tripod turnstile with built-in control unit
  • RTD-03S waist-high rotor turnstile in stainless steel
  • WMD-04S swing gate with drive, in stainless steel

The PERCo equipment was of a keen interest of the participants. According to security experts, more and more security market players take part in this International Forum every year. More than 500 companies from 30 countries of the world have presented their products this year.

The exposition at the exhibition PERCo Security Technologies. Moscow, Russia.PERCo on exhibition «Technologies of security». Moscow, Russia.PERCo turnstiles at the exhibition and Safety Technologies-2005. Moscow, Russia.Automated paid parking system at the exhibition PERCo Safety Technologies-2005. Moscow, Russia.Diploma of the exhibition «For the contribution of PERCo to the development of the security industry in Russia». Moscow, Russia.Diploma Exhibition «Security and Safety Technologies». Moscow, Russia.Exhibition «Security and Safety Technologies 2005», held at the new exhibition complex Crocus Expo. Moscow, Russia.Official Opening Ceremony of the X International Forum «Security Technologies». Moscow, Russia.At exhibition stand - Access Control System ACS PERCo-SYS-15000 with the module videoidentifikatsii. Moscow, Russia.Exhibition area PERCo at the International Forum «Security and Safety Technologies-2005». Moscow, Russia.Display stand and access control PERCo-SYS-15000, at the exhibition «Security and Safety Technologies 2005». Moscow, Russia.New PERCo wicket gate at stand of Suritel. Moscow, Russia.