PERCo opens Sales and Service Centers

PERCo products have become available through authorized Sales and Service centers (SSCs) in St Petersburg and Moscow. The centers are to improve technical support and guarantee professional pre and after sales service for all PERCo customers.

The centers are PERCo certified and staffed by highly trained and qualified personnel.

PERCo SSCs will provide its customers with a full range of turnkey solutions: design, installation, system training etc., with only certified personnel assigned to work.

Two SSCs in Moscow and one in St Petersburg have been opened to date; a few more centers are due to follow in other Russian regions and abroad in the coming year.

PERCo Certified Sales and Service Centers:

In Moscow:

  • PERCo-SOTOPS, established as new service from SOTOPS Ltd. Service Center
  • PERCo-SEB, established by reorganization of PERCo Moscow branch

In St. Petersburg:

  • PERCo Design & Installation Center (DIC)