PERCo sets the network of service centers

PERCo has launched into setting the network of partner-based service centers aimed at providing:

  • warranty and after-warranty repair of the equipment
  • technical consultation
  • specialists´ training
  • spare parts sale
  • equipment assembling and start-and-adjustment works, software installation and configuration

The service centers will serve all the PERCo customers: business partners, installers, integrators and end users.

The task of development and maintenance of the service centers is entrusted to the Technical Support Department. The chief of the department, Oleg Kuznetsov, believes that the main objective of the network is to «ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment installed by providing PERCo clients with highly qualified and on-line services».

Last week there was held a seminar for the specialists of the first four service centers from Russia and Belarus. For three weeks PERCo leading specialists have been training the future service centers engineers in diagnostic and repair techniques. After the seminar all the companies-participants were given the qualification certificates and the licenses, certifying their service centers status.

Altogether for 2004 there has been planned to open approximately ten more service centers in Russia and five service centers abroad.

PERCo open network of service centers. St. Petersburg, Russia.Lectures on the access control systems PERCo. St. Petersburg, Russia.