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Sales of speed gates with sliding panels have started

ST-02 Speed gate with sliding panels provides an ideal contactless solution for access control and comfortable passage in case of heavy passenger flow to avoid queues at the entrance and exit.

The turnstile is made of stainless steel and tempered glass and fits perfectly the sites with high aesthetic and comfort requirements. ST-02 Speed gate is available in two versions - with a standard passageway width of 600 mm and increased one of 900 mm.

ST-02 Speed gate with standard sliding panels ST-02 Speed gate with increased sliding panels

Extended passageway width provides extra space for wheelchairs and also an additional exit in case of emergency. While passing through the turnstile the panels are sliding apart.

In order to extend the passageway, central sections are available. Each central section allows organizing an additional passage lane.

ST-02 Speed gate with central section

The tracking system is equipped with two levels of infrared sensors: 30 pairs are located on the upper level and 30 – on the lower level, which guarantees passage security.

Indication blocks of passage direction are located on the turnstile front ends. The turnstile mode indication blocks (open/closed) are located on the top covers.

ST-02 indication blocks of passage direction ST-02 indication blocks (open/closed)

There is a possibility to install readers under the post covers.

In case of power loss, the swing panels will unblock.