Market launch of PERCo new full height turnstiles line

Sales of the new line of Full Height Rotor Turnstiles RTD-16 have started. The RTD-16 is made of metal with the use of hot dip galvanization technology which is the cost-effective solution with high resistance to corrosion.

The line of the RTD-16 Full Height Rotor Turnstiles is represented by 4 models that differ in external appearance and in rotor resetting mechanism:

Motorized mechanism Electromechanical mechanism Steel rotor with powder coating Stainless steel rotor

In the RTD-16 there have been applied the same mechanisms and electronics as in the RTD-15 turnstiles, which have proven their quality worldwide. The operation mode of the RTD-16 and the ACS control algorithms are also identical to the mode and algorithms of the RTD-15.

The power and control cables can be routed to the RTD-16 turnstiles in two ways: from below, through the post of barrier arms, or from above, through the drive girder, which is an advantage in case of the installation of the turnstiles in a row.

Turnstiles can be installed back-to-back without gaps and transition elements, also including the case of use of the RTC-16 protective canopy. Use the WHD-16 Full Height Security Gate of the same design to organize the emergency exit, wheel-chair access and movement of bulky items; the MB-16 full height railings can be used for the organization of access control, which can be equipped with a barrier lining for the extra protection against the unauthorized access.

RTD-16 full height turnstilesSecurity Gates - WHD-16Security railings - MB-16