UK partner´s visit to PERCo

Last week there was held a meeting between PERCo managers and the British company SinerG, which was represented by its Technical Director, Mr. Cunningham.

During the visit the British colleague got acquainted in detail with the assortment of PERCo operating devices. He got particularly interested in the new wicket gate WMD-04S, box tripod and full height rotor turnstile.

Mr. Cunningham highly appraised the quality and design of PERCo equipment and is sure that the products have very good perspectives in the English security market. Mr. Cunningham showed great interest in establishing partner relationship with PERCo.

In PERCo showroom:
SinerG Technical Director, Mr. Cunningham (on the right) and PERCo Customer Service Department Director, Evgeny Gerasimov.
In PERCo showroom:
Mr. Cunningham; PERCo Customer Service Department Director, Evgeny Gerasimov and Marketing Manager, Olga Kuznetsova.
Technical Director SinerG Mr. Cunningham (right) and Director Division to work with clients PERCo Gerasimov. St. Piterburg, Russia.Mr. Cunningham and Chief Marketing Officer PERCo Gerasimov and O. Kuznetsova. St. Piterburg, Russia.