IP-based entrance control systems

IP-Stile is a turnkey security solution for access control that unites a turnstile and a built-in electronic access control system. When a valid proximity card is presented to the built-in reader, the access controller unblocks the turnstile. Entry event is saved in the memory of the controller and can be used later for data processing.

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IP-Stiles can provide identification of passing card holders, set various access control levels and create event reports.

IP-Stile is a convenient and cost-effective entry solution for access control in sport clubs, fitness centers, schools, colleges, universities, campuses and any other facilities.

IP-Stile delivery set includes:

  • turnstile housing
  • built-in access controller that can be connected to IP-network
  • two built-in readers that support HID and EM-Marin access cards
  • remote control device
  • free software
PERCo IP-based access control system software adjustment sample screenshot PERCo entrance control solution - visitors verification by photo

Features of PERCo access control systems:

  • Operation in a standalone mode without permanent connection to the computer;
  • Non-volatile memory storage of access control lists and event logs (50000 card holders and 135000 events)

IP-Stiles by PERCo are easy to install, because it is not necessary to integrate readers and controller – all necessary components of access control system are already integrated at the production stage.

The start-up of access control system is convenient: just connect IP-Stile to power supply and to Ethernet network and install PERCo local software on the computer, which will be used to operate IP-Stile (parameter setting, access cards entering and event reports generating).

IP-Stiles have low power consumption and use human-safe voltage.