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Turnstiles, Gates, Railing Systems

Turnstiles, gates and railing systems provide effective means for pedestrian flow control at entrances of production facilities, administrative buildings, company offices, schools, university campuses, stadiums, leisure and fitness facilities, amusement parks and zoos, shopping outlets.

PERCo manufactures a wide range of turnstiles, gates and railings to meet various requirements to design, size and level of security.

  • built-in control board or remote control unit supplied as standard
  • models for indoor and outdoor application (under shelter)
  • models with anti-panic barrier arms
  • high throughput rate
  • bi-directional passage control
  • LED directional indication / status lights
  • safe supply voltage 12 – 36V
  • key override control for emergency situations
  • inertia-free and smooth rotation mechanism

PERCo has more than 25 years expertise in serial manufacture of access control products. The high reliability of PERCo turnstiles have been proven at tens of thousands installations in 79 countries across the world.

PERCo pays special attention to the efficient operation of the products sold. Installed standalone, PERCo swing gates and turnstiles provide a basic access control solution operated with remote control.

Integrated with access control systems, these high quality entrance control products can provide a level of security to meet even the most exacting requirements. In case of an emergency the swing gate or turnstile can be unblocked with a mechanical unlock key. Optionally tripod turnstiles can be equipped with anti-panic folding barrier arms enabling to free the passageway in case of emergency without use of any specific keys or tools. To form passageways of any required configurations and make an entrance design complete, PERCo turnstiles and gates can be installed together with matching railings of different types. Thanks to the low power demand, the turnstiles are supplied with safe operating voltage.

  • Single passage in one direction
  • Free passage in one direction
  • Single passage in each direction
  • Free passage in both directions
  • Always locked (closed for entry and exit)
  • Lock-chamber access mode for additional video or biometric identification when increased an access control is required (for full height rotors only)

The operating modes are set with the remote control panel or by a command from access control system.

Optionally the following devices can be connected to PERCo turnstiles:

  • remote light indicators
  • wireless remote control
  • emergency unlocking devices
  • intrusion detectors and sirens
  • Final assembling, wicket gate WHD-05
    Final assembling, wicket gate WHD-05
  • SMT-mounting center
    SMT-mounting center
  • Surface preparation line
    Surface preparation line
  • Welding of turnstile housings
    Welding of turnstile housings
  • Bending of turnstile housings
    Bending of turnstile housings
  • Scraping of the housing
    Scraping of the housing
  • Powder coating line
    Powder coating line
  • Cutting down buildings turnstile housings
    Cutting down buildings turnstile housings
  • Powder coating line
    Powder coating line
  • CNC turning & milling
    CNC turning & milling
  • Assembly shop
    Assembly shop
  • SMT soldering
    SMT soldering