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PERCo-Web license order procedure

After PERCo-Web software (further "software") installation on computer, it can be used for free during trial period of 60 days. In order to continue software maintenance, it is necessary to order and activate the license.

Start of a standard software and modules without order and activation of licenses will be impossible after 60-day period. You will be able to use only free basic software, which will contain 100 active cards, all the rest registered earlier cards will be blocked.

In order to receive activation code it is necessary to:

  1. Define MAC-address of the controller (any of installed), which will serve as electronic keying for software security
  2. Define required software modules set
  3. Fill in the request form for license order and send it to PERCo sales department
  4. License with activation codes will be sent to your e-mail address
  5. Insert activation codes stated in the license in “Licenses” tab in “Administration” section

PERCo-Web software license order form

Customer's details

Full name * 
Legal address 
Physical address
Contact person
E-mail *

Grantee organization details

Full name
Physical address
Contact person
Address of the site equipped with PERCo-Web system
(in case it differs from grantee organization details)

MAC-address of the controller that is used as an electronic key

(Any controller of the system can be used as an electronic protection key. The function of software licence machine verification has no effect on other functions of the controller. Operation of the Software is possible only with the controller whose MAC-address is used as an electronic protection key).

List of software modulesAmount
PERCo-WB Basic software package
PERCo-WS Standard software package
PERCo-WM-01 «Time and Attendance» module
PERCo-WM-02 «Verification» module

Enter Verification Code: