New products

We are happy to announce that we are starting sales of a line of new products.

Box tripod turnstiles

TB-series. The new line of TB turnstiles is represented by 2 models of stainless steel box tripod turnstiles designed in the same style and featuring built-in readers and a card capture function (TBC-01 model).


The both TB-01 and TBC-01 box turnstiles as standard come with 2 built-in readers (HID/EMM) with a Wiegand interface, while TBC-01 model features a card capture reader which can be orientated either at the entrance or exit way.

Railing sections

BH-01 series. In addition to standard one-meter railing sections we have added new components to our railings line of products allowing you to arrange railing systems of all kinds of configurations.


Adjustable coupling fittings make installation of the railing systems of a required configuration easy allowing for any turning angle.

Our specialists will be happy to assist you in selecting correct elements and required quantity for your configuration as well as will prepare layout drawing of your entrance point.


And, finally, web-based interface which allows you to operate our IP-Stiles remotely without installation of any software. Using the web-based interface enables you to:

  • run a test and do settings of all controllers;
  • view the event log of a selected controller, track number of passed cards as well as time of passes;
  • load, view and revise lists of cards (card numbers without names).

To have an access to the web-based interface of your controller you need just to input the IP-address of your controller in an URL bar of your browser. Access is protected with a password.

To start work in a web-interface please update a firmware of your controller to a KT-02.3 version.