PERCo-WB "Basic package software"

PERCo-WB "Basic package software"

PERCo-WB «Basic software package» allows organizing fully functioning Access Control System at the enterprise with staff that doesn’t exceed 100 employees. Basic software supports all main functions for security assurance including: access control by time, zonality control (antipass), access with double-check verification.

«Administration» section allows carrying out the initial configuration of system devices, adding new operators and licensing the system, it helps to control the workflow of the system by generating reports on system events.

«Employees» section allows you to automate the process of employee’s data input and storage and helps to create the work schedules. It also helps to manage lists of positions and departments of the enterprise.

«Pass office» section helps to automate the pass issue procedure for employees of the enterprise.

«Access control» section helps to automate generation of reports on employees access rights . This section can be controlled remotely for the prompt response purposes.

License order procedure