PERCo-WM-01 "Time & Attendance" module

PERCo-WM-01 "Time & Attendance" module

PERCo-WM-01 «Time & Attendance» module is designed for keeping records of employees' working hours and discipline reports.

«Time & Attendance» section allows you to automate reports issue processes on worked time. This section provides the possibility of adding new types of supporting documents and documents concerning the overwork.

To start the work of the section it is necessary to determine working hours for every employee in the subsection «Employees» of «Staff» section. Information should include the working schedule, standards of working time and place of work.

The employee presents an access card at the entrance and exit from the recording rooms. Based on the data about the passages and the established work schedule, employee's working time is automatically calculated. In case of incorrect presentation of an access card, an incorrect calculation of working hours is possible. Control and correction of such cases is carried out in the subsection «Worked time log».

To control the workforce management of employees, the subsection «Discipline reports» is used. Discipline violation includes absence, elate coming, early leaving and overtime.

Documents for overtime work are made out in the subsection « Worked time log» or «Employees» in the «Staff» section. If necessary, new types of documents can be created in the subsection «Supporting documents».

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