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Marketing support for partners

Marketing support for partners

PERCo company offers marketing support to its partners by providing them with advertising material sets, posters, presentations, logos, photos in high resolution, organizes educational seminars.

Catalogues and booklets

Upon request PERCo provides its partners with the necessary quantity of catalogues and booklets. You can find more information on the variety and content of the printed production in the Catalogues and booklets section.


In order to make the presentation of PERCo products more convenient and to provide the clients with information about the manufacturer, you may download the following presentation in .pdf format:

PERCo security systems & equipment
(29.3 MB)  — 07.07.2023


Partners can order ready-to-use posters with PERCo product drawings to design offices and exhibition stands.

Two types of posters are available:

  • Security systems
  • Turnstiles and IP-stiles.

Each poster type has two sizes:

  • 170*120
  • 130*90.

Information for Web sites

To place and update description of PERCo products on your web site use a service of unloading of the PERCo products information.

Training seminars

PERCo Educational Department specialists can organize not only webinars and regular seminars at our training center in Saint Petersburg but also offsite seminars for partners and their clients upon request.

Mini stand with equipment

For visual demonstration of the system operation PERCo partners can be provided with mini stands with controller and readers produced by PERCo.

Participation in exhibitions

Upon agreement it is possible to provide PERCo partners with exhibition equipment, set of advertising materials and graphic materials for the stand decoration.

High resolution photos

To create your own advertising materials, download photos of equipment and its installations.

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