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Construction sites

Construction sites are high-risk locations, so it is necessary to ensure a great level of security, prevent access by unauthorized people, keep records of employees at the site and their working hours for the correct calculation of wages.

An important distinctive feature of such sites is the impossibility to organize a stationary checkpoint with access control equipment. Instead, mobile checkpoints are used for the ACS organization at construction sites, which are based on a container or mobile platform, as well as mobile registration terminals to record working hours and generate evacuation reports.

residential complex, Moscow
residential complex, Moscow

Compact turnstiles installed in a container or full-height turnstiles placed on the platforms are used to prevent unauthorized access to the construction site.

Full information about the selection of turnstiles for various sites can be found here. Access of employees and visitors is strictly based on identifiers, that can be stored on proximity cards or smartphones with an NFC module.

You can use access control equipment to track employees' working hours. Employees sign in upon arrival at the construction site and sign out when leaving it by presenting the identifier to the turnstile reader. The system supports weekly, shift, and rotating work schedules, as well as a flexible schedule algorithm.

residential complex, Moscow

A mobile registration terminal is used at sites where it is impossible to install stationary access control and T&A equipment.

"PERCo Registration" app allows you to organize a terminal that registers employees and visitors using a smartphone instead of stationary readers. Employee's full name and photo are displayed on the terminal screen upon identifier presentation. The screen also displays information about whether access is allowed for this identifier within the current time period.

It is possible to generate a report on the employees’ location based on entry and exit events. In case of emergency, such as fire, the report allows you to know who has already been evacuated and who is still at the site.

residential complex, Moscow

T-5 turnstiles at construction sites in Poland

More than 200 T-5 tripod turnstiles are installed at the construction sites in Poland, including:

  • Mars Poland plants in Poznań and Błonie
  • Fortum thermal power station in Zabrze
  • Amazon logistics centers in Pilchowice and Gliwice

T-5 turnstiles are characterized by their affordable price and compact dimensions, making it possible to use them in a limited space.

turnstiles T-5, Bramki obrotowe, Poland

PERCo equipment at mobile checkpoints in France

In France, TTR-04CW tripods, RTD-15 full-height turnstiles and WHD-15 full-height gates are used as part of mobile checkpoints at Cavas facilities. Turnstiles and gates can be installed on special platforms, which allows you to avoid dismantling and re-installing turnstiles when moving to a new construction site.

TTR-04CW Electromechanical turnstile is designed for outdoor use under a canopy or in unheated premises. The compact design of the turnstile allows you to use it in a limited space.

RTD-15 series of turnstiles is designed to completely block the passageway and is suitable for outdoor use. The corrosion resistance and increased rigidity of the welded assembly of the turnstile guarantee a long-term service even under aggressive environmental conditions. Turnstiles are supplemented with WHD-15 full-height gates to organize the passageways for people with limited mobility, transportation of oversized cargo, as well as to provide an emergency exit.

PERCo turnstiles at construction sites of Severny Gorod, Saint Petersburg

RTD-15 full-height rotor turnstiles with RTC-15 canopies are used to control access to construction sites of the Severny Gorod developer in Saint Petersburg. Full-height turnstiles reliably block the passageway zone, while the canopy prevents people climbing over the turnstile. Also, the canopy protects the turnstile from the rainfall.

Severny Gorod, Saint Petersburg