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Individual solutions

If the solutions presented in our catalog do not fully meet your needs, you can send a request for the possibility of upgrading the hardware or software in order to meet the needs of your company.

Solutions for integrating additional hardware

To simplify the installation process and preserve the integrity of the structural design, special posts and brackets are made for fixing various devices: for example, a bracket for installing the CL15 biometric controller, as well as controllers from other manufacturers (Suprema, Anviz ) a stand for a face recognition module.

Adjust the closing speed of the turnstile glass panels

The closing speed of the turnstile glass panels can be increased or decreased. For example, at enterprises where you need to prevent the passage of two people via one card, the closing speed of the panels can be increased. On the contrary, to reduce it in schools: in order to eliminate the possibility of injury upon unauthorized passes.

Tweak the software functionality

The most popular user requests are added to the plan of the software functionality updates and will be implemented in the next versions.

Examples of software functionality extensions based on user requests:

  • The card validity period in the PERCo-Web system
    is added to the "Valid from" column of user credentials, which allows you to grant access to users from the date and time specified by the operator.

Painting of steel equipment according to the RAL catalogue

For a harmonious match with the interiors of your facility, PERCo equipment made of steel can be painted in an agreed color according to the RAL catalog.

Designed for use in corrosive environments

For outdoor installation in corrosive environments, such as in regions with a Maritime climate or harsh temperature conditions, stainless steel products, such as the TTD-08A turnstile, are made of heavy-duty AISI 316 steel.

Design of the swing gates

For installation at transport facilities, for example, at passport control or in the subway, WMD-06 swing gates can be made with the increased height swing panels.

In order to quickly unlock the passage, the swing gate can be equipped with a special button.

WMD and WHD series of semi-automatic swing gates can be made with the swing panels of various widths and heights. The filler panel of the swing panels may also vary.

Railing systems design

The glass of the BH06 railing can be made of any width in the range from 500 to 1500 mm.

ST-01 Speed gate design

Glass panels, usually made of tempered glass, can also be made of plexiglass or polycarbonate, depending on the customer's needs.

The height of the plexiglass panels can be increased up to 1300 mm with a passageway width of 900 mm.

The width of the ST-01 speed gate passageways made of tempered glass can be increased to 475 mm, which forms a 1000 mm wide passageway.